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About The Cutters

Revenue Cutters have patrolled our coastline for more than 300 years. From the early days of sail to the modern high speed diesels.

A great deal of the history can be found in the following books.

"Smuggling a history 1700-1970" by David Phillipson.     

ISBN 0 7153 6087 6

"Patrol" An account of life in HM Customs Revenue Cutters by R. G. Bayly MBE.     ISBN 1 85421 042 4

"King's Cutters, The Revenue Service and the War Against Smuggling"  by Graham Smith.     ISBN 0 851772 91 9

"King's Cutters and Smugglers 1700-1855"  by E. Keble Chatterton

The Revenue Cutter Association was formed in 1978 to bring together the crews and associates of Her Majesty's Revenue Cutters.

These are the modern high speed patrol craft crewed by Border Force officers combating smuggling around the United Kingdom coastline.

Membership is exclusive to HM Customs & Excise, HM Revenue & Customs, UK Border Agency or Border Force officers who have served or are serving on HM Revenue Cutters, HM Customs Cutters or HM Cutters.

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